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Rank Better & Sell More

Rank Better & Sell More

It's a simple formula, the higher you rank for searches in Amazon the more sales you'll get. We are intimately familiar with the Amazon ranking algorithm and will take the necessary steps to rank your product #1.
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Optimize Your Listings

Optimize Your Listings

On-page optimization is absolutely necessary for ranking AND conversions. We help your listing convert more visitors into sales. We'll tailor your product listing to fit your niche and customer.
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Get Top Rated Reviews

Get Top Rated Reviews

Want more reviews? We can help you with that. We have 2 options for reviews. First, we'll purchase and review your product from our accounts. Second, we'll contact top rated reviewers in your niche to help out.
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Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing

Each client has different needs, works in different levels of competition, different number of products, etc. For a fast quote and no beating around the bush, contact us by filling out our contact form or call: 972.955.5038.
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We'll help you get more sales by ranking better in Amazon

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Increase Amazon Sales

Amazon is considered by many to be the leader when it comes to online bookselling. Aside from this, Amazon is also a well-known company that is very proud of its capabilities in meeting the needs of its customers. One of the easiest ways in order to generate sales for your book through Amazon.com is to maximize the content found in your product page. In addition to this, you also need to optimize your chance of becoming visible in the search results through the internal search engine of Amazon.

Website, blog, and web presence optimization are things that you are probably already aware of. In fact, optimization is used in order to increase your visibility in different online search mechanisms. Although Amazon is self-contained, it is still considered as a powerhouse search engine. Even though it is recognized as a retail site, it should still be treated as a type of search engine in an online marketing perspective. If you come to think of it, Amazon is one of the first sites you go to if ever you want to find information in a particular book. You should be aware that aside from its strong brand, Amazon powers the marketplace of the backend service of Target.com.

In order to influence the power of Amazon, it is important that your product page in the website should be search-optimized, informative, and client friendly. These things are necessary to include as one of your online marketing strategies. By optimizing the Amazon pages, you are able to improve the product’s rank and get additional content. It is more likely that books that have more detailed pages and as well as links to the title information coming from outside pages will get more buyers. This is why it is very essential to make a very good product page that can represent your product very well to the audience. All details should be provide, which can be very handy for the users.

It is good to know that Amazon is actually offering a lot of features that can enhance your title listing. If these are properly implemented, it is likely that your page will get higher views and visits from online users. This will also provide potential sales for your product title. Although understanding and implementing these programs can be very tedious and time-consuming, the benefits are always a guarantee since Amazon is a content-driven website. The more visits you get to your page about your book, the more popular your product will become in the internal results algorithm of Amazon. This algorithm basically favors the items that are very popular. So if ever two or more items match the criteria typed in by the user, the most popular item in the shortlist will appear first. We are able to uncover some of the powerful tools that can influence the search results of Amazon. These tools are outlined below.

Tags — a tag can be defined as a keyword or a specific category that a user puts on a particular item or product. These tags appear on book detail pages and can help users locate books on Amazon within a particular genre or category. Every link you have can help increase your exposure in Amazon. This may be time-consuming, but the benefits are always worth it.

Listmania! Lists--These lists are considered as different groups of items that a searcher finds very interesting. Each list can cover different types of categories and can help other Amazon users discover their favorite products. These lists are commonly rotated on different search result pages and as well as individual book pages. A popular list can be viewed on the product pages of all the mentioned books. In other words, the more popular your list will become, the more your products within your list get the exposure that they deserve. It is advisable to research carefully the books that are in your list that you will most likely appear in front of your targeted audience.

The So You’d Like to.. Guides
These guides enable you to help your clients find all the items and details that they need to know about a particular hobby or interest. This guide usually includes a short and informative article that can target your consumers who are interested in your category that connects to the detail page of your book. In fact, these guides are more informative and detailed compared to the Listmainia! Lists.

The Reviews
You can always ask a simple favor to your friends and family by having them write a short review for your title. These reviews can boost the exposure of the detailed page of your book since the Amazon algorithm also examines the total number of reviews provide and review ratings. Aside from this, a lot of distributors create a list of the top rated Amazon reviewers that are available to their clients. These reviews provided by the elite group are considered more by the system.

You can ask you publisher or distributor whether your list is available in order for you to solicit these reviews for your title. A quick search for the top Amazon Reviewers on Google will help you bring to the Amazon page that ranks all the reviewers. You can check the profile of each of the reviewers by clicking the “see profile” link. A lot of them post their email address in the profile. You can send a polite and concise query to your reviewer that includes the synopsis of your book and offer him or her a free review copy. You should follow up as soon as possible once the reviewer responds to your request.

The Search Suggestions
Amazon also has a way to help users aid customers in locating items and to provide tailored information on the item pages through Search Suggestion. Just like tags, this particular tool also requires research on your part. The search suggestions can do the following things:

• Associate items with a search phrase so that the item will more likely be shown if ever a user searches for the particular phrase.
• Explain the relevance of the suggestion to the searching customers and allow your explanation and as well as your name appear in the search results.
• Provide more information in the product page, which is tailored or made to your customer’s search

In summary, Amazon.com can be considered an evolving site. You should take some time to understand and use the features mentioned above in order to enhance your product exposure. You can also try hiring an expert to help you do all these things for your product. Increasing your views will definitely increase your potential for sales. You can always rely on Amazon since it is considered to be the leader when it comes to online marketing.

Rank Better in Amazon

There is a common misconception among Internet users that getting started with Amazon is a daunting task. The truth is that getting a high ranking for a particular product is much easier in Amazon than getting a good ranking on Google for an individual website because Amazon itself has similar capabilities. Furthermore, you can get enormous traffic flow because Google normally gives Amazon priority when serving up results. Since most Amazon users have their credit card information on file, they can purchase your products with the simple click of a button.

Amazon Rankings in Google

Amazon rankings have never been this exciting. The site is one of the biggest on the Internet, and the number of tactics and techniques that can be used on the products listed on the site is enormous. We have successfully achieved top rankings on Google with Amazon products, even in the most competitive markets. Our strategies have been tried and tested, and have never resulted in any type of penalty from Amazon itself or any search engine. Optimal Amazon rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are critical to success on the Internet; the increase in sales will also improve your ranking in A9, Amazon’s search engine.

Amazon Optimization

Basic Amazon optimization is very important, so don’t overlook it. In real sense, this is Amazon SEO 101; which include following best practices prescribed by Amazon and ensuring that all page tags are correctly filled out. Send us an email or submit a consultancy form to see if we can help you dominate Amazon rankings.

Amazon Optimization Consultant

People who sell goods on Amazon oftentimes find themselves wondering how to make their product stand out. This is because an increasing number of products are being sold on Amazon every year, making the competition and clutter also increased.

With all of the products that are available, how do you increase your opportunities for buyers to find your products?

At Tipping Point SEO we work with you to optimize your Amazon experience. We help you attract more buyers to your products and help you to also entice the top Amazon reviewers in your niche to write reviews for you. Our programs are ran by experts who will teach you the ins and outs of selling goods on Amazon. They will guide you through the process of putting your items up in a way that will attract a lot of customers. This is actually something that should be done just as soon as your product is listed on Amazon.

With our Amazon optimization service buyers will be better able to find your products. Some of the things that you consultant will help you with in this regard include:
1. Creating keywords that will increase the search-ability of your products
2. Directing numerous people on their team to your account in order to continue to improve your search-ability
3. Linking your products to other best-selling products within your niche so that whenever someone looks for a best-seller in your category, they’ll have a better chance of finding you too
4. Creating an in-depth product description and company bio to place on your main seller page
5. Creating a separate seller page that’s augmented with links to your “assets” (i.e. your product reviews, website, social media pages and updated press releases)
6. Providing “Search Inside” uploads whenever necessary
With our Amazon Top Reviewers program you’ll receive:
1. Targeted key reviewers who write and upload reviews to your Amazon page
2. The presentation of your product to the top reviewers within your niche on Amazon so that they can post reviews as well. Since they have thousands of followers, one of their reviews will drive traffic to you. Unfortunately, such reviews aren’t easy to get. However, this team works with these influential people daily so that you’ll get reviews in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our services are appropriate for all of the various categories that are on Amazon today. You can purchase them as a bundle or individually. Ideally, this should be done whenever you first launch a product. However, it can be done even after a product’s launch. Just fill out our contact form or call us for pricing.